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Bad Ass Awesome Sauce is a way to describe your confident attitude and unique style. Pour it on. Make it good -- no excellent -- no superb... well, you get the drift. http://www.artprintissues.com/2012/07/art-marketing-thin-lines-bad-ass-awesome-sauce.html

how to improve your art business http://artprintissues.com/2014/06/improve-your-art-business/

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For visual artists, daily blogging provides multiple benefits for their art buyers and them. It brings buyers into the conversation between art and artist. http://artprintissues.com/2014/11/five-ways-daily-blogging-provides-added-value-art/ -- Guest blog from Jimmy Kelly

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Framing your art adds value and nicely framed art is less likely to have an interested buyer balk at the price. Frame your art, present it well in a gorgeous frame to maximize perceived value and communicate to the world ‘You know what you are doing.’

Kickstarter Art Project Success Story -http://artprintissues.com/2014/08/kickstarter-art-project-success-story/ Learn from Tina Mammoser's success.

Collage for my Barney Davey Art Marketing Services Facebook page.http://www.facebook.com/careering

Scarborough Beach - Kickstarter Art Project destination -Kickstarter Art Project Success Story -http://artprintissues.com/2014/08/kickstarter-art-project-success-story/ Learn from Tina Mammoser's success.

Book dress.

Four Leaf Clover...