Of course!

Spongebob + The Hunger Games

yeah i am a hunger games victor!!

So many characters should follow that example

So true..

And is frowned upon in most societies LOL

Avengers pms humor. Good thing I love me some Loki & Iron Man!

i don't see it.. :)

The Hunger Games Pendant Watch Necklace

They are real to me


Fangirl Stages. Aka stages of my love for Benedict Cumberbatch... i am in the denial stage fully... lol!

This is definitely me

Jennifer Lawrence explains how The Hunger Games is better than Twilight.

Scumbag Teacher. Probably one of my favorite meme because every single one of them is true.

24 Times The Cast Of "The Hunger Games" Broke Character

That scene with Voldemort is in Order of the Phoenix. Seriously what the heck is Voldemort doing in a suit??!!!


Oh my goodness xD