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Sensory Tub...

rice box on light table or put some glow sticks in the rice.

Water table sensory painting

How to make rainbow rice - dyeing rice for art and sensory play

Zoo Sensory Box

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Indoor rainy day activities for toddlers to do

DIY rainbow sensory box

One for every table....Love this idea :)

Make your own light table

25 inside active rainy day activities. Rainy day? How about hot day!!

Sensory Tub: Winter!

Sea sensory box

* Sensory Boxes 101 Tips and Inspiration: How To Make A Sensory Box, Theme Ideas, and Frequently Asked Quesitons

salt sensory table

Gelatin Sensory Ocean - great sensory play for kids.

WOW! So many great resources for indoor toddler activities: http://mothersniche.com/indoor-activities-toddlers/

Spring Garden/Sensory Tub - using bird seeds instead of dirt provides a dual lesson. Children create a garden that will also serve as nutrition for birds.

Rainbow Rice, great sensory idea!

Magnet Hunt in the Sand Table