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I always think..... whose kids would ever be that still to put a NEWBORN on top of this pile!
Cheers to all those strong father figures out there working to make a difference and be a role model in his kids' lives.   brad you are the best dad to our daughter. i love you.
One of my earliest memories: being at primary school in Australia, stood in front of an easel like this and painting a picture of a king measuring something in cubits (distance from finger tips to elbow). Why do 5 year olds need to know about cubits anyway?!
I walked behind her, knowing this perfect moment wouldn't last forever. She would grow up, find her own way. And I would always remember the sunlight on the water, her arms outstretched in wonder, my hand holding petals that fell from her tiara as she ran ahead ... (words by Laura McHale Holland)
Feliz San Valentín a todos los papás y mamás, y a los que pronto lo serán.
Noa-Agnes Colombo-8