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NO. FLIPPING. WAY.  I love Pixar!

Toy Story 3 Easter Egg

Funny pictures about Toy Story 3 Easter Egg. Oh, and cool pics about Toy Story 3 Easter Egg. Also, Toy Story 3 Easter Egg photos.

Scar and Muffasa, alternate ending

This made me laugh way too much. -- The Lion King humor / Alternate endings

Big hero 6 feels

Tadashi Hamada's last hug, through Bamax, to Aunt Cass. Big Hero 6 <<< Well who need a heart anyway!


Uncle Diaval by Ski-Machine - maleficent<-- I totally shipped them. Like, I thought he was going to wake up Aurora at the end.

oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!! two of my favorite disney movies!!!

I always thought it was referencing beauty and the beast. Cause the same things happen in beauty and the beast. In Aladdin it's not a spell. It's just a genie with magic. In beauty and the beast it's actually a spell on the castle.

I CAN'T BREATHE-- Nigel'd!

He's so beautiful!

Funny pictures about My favorite Disney character. Oh, and cool pics about My favorite Disney character. Also, My favorite Disney character.

This is what started my board! I knew mostly every thing before but wanted to make a board! Pixar Theory - additional evidence

One of Pixar’s darkest jokes…

One of Pixar’s darkest jokes // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - And if you really pay attention, you'll see that these are pretty common in Disney flicks.

Disney forgets nothing... I've actually noticed this before while watching! Disney is amazing.

Disney forgets nothing…

Funny pictures about Disney forgets nothing. Oh, and cool pics about Disney forgets nothing. Also, Disney forgets nothing.