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Apologies don't mean anything and sorry just isn't enough, if someone keeps doing what there supposedly sorry for.....People can blame their actions on a number of things, but, the bottom-line is people actually have to change. Sometimes that is beyond their capability...... and......that my friend is when you just have to leave them and walk away!!

But I would add to this, that along with truth, we must show MERCY. The Bible often speaks of mercy and truth TOGETHER. It is good and necessary speak the truth in this darkened world, but do so in such a way that you reflect God's Spirit, and not your flesh.

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People Need To Learn That Their Actions Do Affect Other People

People Need To Learn That Their Actions Do Affect Other People nn People need to learn that their actions do affect other people. So be careful what you say and do, it’s not always just about you.

Actions speak louder and truer... Believing someones actions above their words will protect you from the wrong people if you pay attention, don't ignore, excuse or rationalize away the duality and follow through with dismissing them when they SHOW you who they really are.

❥ If I had only paid attention to what was right in front of my eyes. Actions really do speak louder than words.

Listen carefully how a person speaks about other people to you. This is how they will speak about you to other people. - Some never understand, never learn.