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Niall today dang he looks soo good♥

The evolution of the one and only Louis. I personally like the middle one the best.... -H

He looks like a beautiful combination of a little boy looking up and his wonderfully complex handsome self :)

Taxi promoting the VMAs and One Direction. This is perfect

Harry's ankle tattoo! Never give up is what I think it says!

You guys I weigh 196.4 this is the first time I have been under 210 in the last 3 years !!!!! I'm so emotional omg !!!

Zayn drawing on Harry in his sleep.... Harry probably though, "when did I get this tattoo!?" JUST KIDDIN.

Zayn outside the studio today OMGGGGGGG ... are all the boys wearing tanks now?!

i hate not being able to pin as much as i used too!!! School started :( but harry's a babe as always!

Niall Horan.. Aww he looks so cute in his little suit!!= )