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Laura Närhi - Tämä on totta (Official Music Video) - YouTube | Song 'This is true' by Laura Närhi

Laura Närhi - Hetken tie on kevyt (lyrics)

Here’s a tune we are turning WAY UP when it comes on in the car. In fact yesterday I got pulled over...

My kinda classical. These guys thrash out on 2CELLOS - Thunderstruck [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube

Celine Dion - Because You Loved Me (Official Music Video)

"...Artists with ISMS, are like Michael Jackson with his 'HE, HE!' Alicia is always grooving with a 'hood recall. Like, 'Yea!' 'Come on!' Shut up. JANELLE MONAE is another one. And there are others I am sure of, but cannot remember. I hope to be this skinny in middle age." #toni-braxton *I have three albums of FIONA APPLE. [I have my favorite people, and stick to them. They work for my mindset, and ideals.] *i hate looking around. I usually look beside me and just SETTLE. #connor

Jenni Vartiainen - Missä muruseni on [Official Music Video] (+playlist)

Cheek - Timantit on ikuisia (Official video)

Must get this new album from Chisu, one of the best singer-songwriters in Finland.

Johanna Kurkela - Ehkä Ensi Elämässä (Official Video) - YouTube

Music ARTIST Singer&Shows. Jari Sillanpää - Sinä ansaitset kultaa (Official music video) New. Old Dreamcastle. Like. ENJOY. Smile