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Might gave to try and recreate this with our little guy and Boston.

I Love you.I Love you. if i ever have a child (lol!) i want a pic like this :)

No words are needed~

Funny pictures about God's Best Friend. Oh, and cool pics about God's Best Friend. Also, God's Best Friend photos.

The cutest.....reminds me of the book- Where the Red Fern Grows.

Who the hell gave this kid a gun and a dog.he doesn't know how to treat a dog and a gun is just insane . Right this is real cute.

my heart just melted

German Shepherds are loyal probably the best dogs but you just need to train them-they will give their life for you-so go and hug your dog-and wish it is a German shepard

Perrito y niña

(Puppy Love) Breed: _____ ← {*Ask Tabatha} (Quote/s) Subject: Dogs, Unconditional Love.

Even MORE Funny Pictures - 81 Pics

Puppies n babies. Babies n puppies. Does it get any more adorable?

I love the daddy picture with both babies ♡♡ Yes, dogs are babies too!

-Why goldens are the best!- When photographer was taking this photo, the golden decided she wanted to be included. Priceless, and so like a golden retriever!