There’s always time for WINE (28 photos)

There’s always time for WINE (28 photos)

This design is very clever. It plays on the caption, "Time for Wine" by placing a wine glass shape in an hourglass. The wine glass is assumed to be the sand in the hourglass and the shapes fit nicely.

For the 2010 edition of Getxophoto we thought of leisure, which is the theme of the festival this year, and as the leisure is what people do on the free time we thought to represent it with something that will take us a long time to do so.

Design Inspiration: 9 Gorgeous Experimental Typefaces

Luechtefeld - Type Based Design - Poster for GETXOPHOTO photography festival by IS Creative Studio. Kickass colors and papercut type.

home is where the heart is. #words

Showcase of Beautiful Typography Art in Poster Design

Typography is the art of type design.Whether you are a web designer or graphic designer,typography is one of the first thing you should…

black & white, simple, graphic

Cool page idea! The way the text looks on the platter is different that just copying and pasting text alongside a picture. The art and the text is one which I think it really unique.