Boat rides and sunsets

lake fun fun fun!! but with my FLINKS as we are just plain beautiful!

Inflatable Pineapple

what a cute picture to take with your bestfriend on the Fourth of July.

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Best Friends

Short shorts, perfect tan, bikini tops, feet in the sand,gorgeous guys with beachy eyes in the summertime.

summer, beach, legs, nice #summer #beach really hot, noticed it on

make this me. now.

sailing & sunsets.

bestfriends < 3

take me here please

Lake life

...on the boat and a cold drink in your hand with the sun warming your skin. Blue skies and sparkling waters

Best friends.

lake times

♥ i can not put into words how much i'd like to be doing this today...

Give me the beat boys, free my soul, I wanna get lost in a rock and roll and drifttt awayyyy:)

Birkenstocks are back.

happy place