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  • Brenda Monterrosa

    Cheryl's Classroom Tips: October 2008. Exit ticket, each student has a spot for their sticky note to go. easily check if a certain student did not yet answer or what their answer was

  • Amanda Everman

    Ticket out the Door I like the idea of having a place for everyone to put their sticky note. Use as end of the week formative assessment with the weekly goal

  • Jill Cuttone

    This is sticky-note reading with a twist. Instead of having students randomly place sticky-note answers on a chart, number boxes and have them place their sticky note answers in their designated places. What an easy way to formatively assess! Thank you, Mandie, for sharing this idea last year! Thank you, Kim, for letting me take photographs of your students' work. Did you notice the answer frames on the bottom of the charts? AND ... Kim laminated these and uses Vis-a-Vis markers to write her qu

  • Catelyn Samoranski

    Ticket out the Door I like the idea of having a place for everyone to put their sticky note. Then you can quickly tell who didn't turn it in - maybe use a pocket chart for end of day exit slips where students can give opinions and share any issues

  • Erica Boughton

    Exit ticket idea. Laminated chart for easy vis a vis use and place for each student to put their answer. Great way to scan as a formative assessment at the end of class.

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Assessment! Ticket Out the Door - I like the numbers so you can automatically see who hasn't turned one in.

Ticket out the door. It would be a good idea to make a bunch of copies of these (two per page?) to be able to hand out at the end of a lesson

This is a great template for teachers to use for a ticket out the door each day.

Ticket Out the Door - excellent idea for exit questions and reflections!

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Class Organize: Exit Slip, Exit Ticket, Ticket out the Door .... LOVE the different pockets!!!!

Twitter bulletin board -- Ticket out the door is to "Tweet" or comment about topic.

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