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    What's wrong with this picture? lol

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    Cas wants to play too. #supernatural

    Meanwhile, Misha....

    Misha ♥ Supernatural

    I Love Pie! XD

    Rofl so hilariously wrong

    Jared and Jensen

    Jared & Jensen | Supernatural

    Supernatural Glitter Quote Print p176 by chicalookate :: Soul-less!Sam was scary and unpleasant, but moments like this made me wonder if Sam actually thinks these sorts of sassy comments all the time, but then feels bad and doesn't say them

    One of my favorite Cas scenes

    Jensen Ackles

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    Jensen & Misha

    Misha and Jensen

    Jensen and Misha tweets - looks like Jensen's ballet is in perfect form, lol!

    Or that moment when Sam realized he had been completely and utterly wrong about Benny

    Smooth Jensen. HUWHAT?!?!?!

    You're 35, Dean. The look on Sam's face is 100% done.

    Jensen and Misha

    Jensen and misha

    It burns! Jensen's reaction is gold. I honestly think Jensen is far more insulted than Jared, haha