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  • Melissa Hunt

    Chanel hula hoop bag...couldn't help but laugh at this bag....who would wear this?! Here, @Niki Kinney, this is your Chanel bag!

  • Marianne Gassier

    Chanel at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013 Hula Hoop Bag !

  • Rosh

    Chanel Spring 2013 Handbags - the hula hoop bag! Wow this made me laugh

  • Cynthia Thornhill

    Chanel Spring 2013 hula hoop purse

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This style of bag makes me think of cartoon hobos with bandanas tied on sticks. I still love 'em. This one is from Chanel Resort 2013. There must be DYI instructions around, right? It's unlikely that I could produce something that even approaches this level of gorgeousness. However, I think I could make something kinda cute––a pastel brunch bag perhaps?

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Sparkle corset / Chanel Spring 2013 - I will NEVER be able to wear something like this...but it is so pretty!

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VERSACE SPRING 2012 RTW (Sigrid Agren)

Sigrid Agren for Chanel. She looks immaculate, like an empress! :))