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  • Deana Gray

    Free printable for Brain Breaks - roll a die for each column and perform the brain break. Great for in school for quick movement breaks or indoor recess. (Good idea for kids with ADHD)

  • Liz Guterl

    Brain Breaks Great idea to get some exercise in during a study break!

  • Janna Weber

    Take a break - when it all gets too much have the kids roll some dice and do some activities. Brain Breaks with dice.

  • Eric Ziemba

    Brain Breaks...every classroom should have this poster! Taking a break is an important tool for classroom management. Elementary students will work hard for you, but need to be rewarded with some sort of physical stimulation or game. This chart gives great ideas to get students moving around when you actually want them too!

  • Benet Nelson

    Roll Some Brain Breaks poster for kids. Great way to get kids moving and take a little break during the day.

  • Aubrey Kilgore

    Roll a Brain Break - Kids need a break sometimes! Different Brain Gym Exercises This is easily posted, has tons of variety. It's FREE!

  • Erica Fox


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