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PositiveMedfrom PositiveMed

COPD:Chronic Airflow Limitation

Omg I remember these from nursing school!! I actually think I still have them!!

Antibiotic classes. Antibiotics are less effective, because of stronger viruses and bacteria. Learn the alternative way to fight them both.

Nurseslabsfrom Nurseslabs

Asthma Nursing Management & Interventions

Respiratory Therapy

Helpful tools to survive nursing school...I wish I would of found this before I took my last nursing test!!

Respiratory Acidosis, this reminds me of nursing school. I think we had the same pic

really cute blog with pictures of drugs, etc. and little tips to remember their effects and what they're used for #pharmacology

Mnemonics and Tips: Anaphylactic Reaction. Also can be caused by a latex allergy. For those certain people who seem to think I'm overreacting when I leave a room with balloons in it. Or rubber bands. Or many other sorry if I'm insulting your decorations, but I could die, idiots. Anaphylactic shock is not exactly something on my to-do list... :-/

hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke made easy | Nursing 355 > Dudley/hattaway > Flashcards > Mobility, Documentation ...