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Be creative <3

Have any crayons? Turn them into a masterpiece using a canvas or cardboard square, many crayons, and a blow dryer! Blow dry the crayons anyway you want!

crayons in summer!!!this would be a cool thing to do with your kids in the summer. so fun for them too see them melting. and how amazing does it look.

Great idea for kids playroom art: (via Anna) crayons in summer. Back yard art- fun to watch them melt <--- I wonder if it would actually get hot enough for this to work naturally?

I LOVE THESE. just need princess silhouettes and contact paper!!!! :D I am going to make one of these...It's official!!

Melted Crayon Art

Print Silhouettes, take the image and cut it out of contact paper, stick it on a canvas, hot glue the crayons to the top and melt the crayons all the way to the bottom. Then peel off the contact paper and touch up some edges with white paint.

How to Make Melted Crayon Art

How to Make Melted Crayon Art

This image shows Isabel Allende's novel, Eva Luna. One of the critical essays said that she got all of the culture in this one book due to her vivid imagination. I thought this image represented her imagination and shows how colorful her novel is. It hits at all the key points in the culture and even the scandalous at the time (melisio/mimi). Allende gets her message across to everyone who reads Eva Luna. There's grief, religion, stability, love, hardships/struggles, etc.

The Land of Lala

Grade Self-Portrait Idea: Draw likes/dislikes/representations of self coming out of the artists' head in a unique shape. add lines, shapes, colors patterns.

1) get a rainbow of crayons an glue onto canvas  2) whip out the hair dryer and simply melt away!

Essentially, you affix crayons to the top of a canvas, and blast them with a hair dryer. Watch as the colors bleed down the canvas, creating a beautiful, colorful mess! I can imagine this being a great project to hang in a child's room. This is very cool!

Final step, cut your saying out of vinyl or contact paper and stick to the middle.  Ta Da!!  A unique, but fun piece of art work for Valentine's day, or since mine didn't work so well with the pinks and reds, I think I might keep it up for a while longer.

Ever since I first saw all the cool melted crayon art work, I really wanted to make one. However, it wouldn't really go in my girls' room, .