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Antique Green Opalescent Coin Dot Spot WITCH BALL Vaseline Uranium Glass - Glows

SIGNED Licio Zanetti Murano vaseline uranium glass bird sculpture

Uranium Glass Dishes: Dolny Polubny in Bohemia made these kinds of uranium glass from 1830 to 1848. Uranium was a common source of yellow and green colouring for over a 100 years. In the 1940′s it was banned as a glass constituent because uranium was used to make the atom bomb. ️LO

WANT - COBALT BLUE Art Glass Signed Paperweight Crystal Ball

Celestial planetarium - 1820-30

uranium glass

Antique Cast Iron Stove

RARE Vaseline Uranium Glass Victorian 5 Bottle Castor Cruet Set in Frame | eBay

Blue and White Porcelain Balls

Vaseline and Uranium Glass (ca. 1930s)

Uranium Glass dating from 1830 - 1860

Cobalt Blue

Pink Pyrex Collection pink home vintage antique decorate dishes collection pyrex design ideas

vaseline glass i.e. uranium//flickr

Antique Pickard Art Nouveau Tea Coffee Set Circa 1910 Coufall

Glowing Vaseline glass, or Uranium glass. From the depression era and before. Glows like this under a black light. So Pretty.

Vaseline glass

EAPG 1899 Northwood Opalescent Vaseline Glass Lions Leg Alaska Cruet Glows | eBay

Fenton Coin Dot Vase in Topaz Opalescent

Northwood Vaseline Glass Patterns - Bing Images