I always love her hair.

Hairstyles for Long Hair ! Love LC's hair here such a nice color. I wish my hair was that long so i can get the style too

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Whether you want a new look or just a slight update, these stylist-approved hair color trends 2016 are pegged as the next big thing.

Cute blonde pickaboo

Brown with blonde peek-a-boo highlights. want except opposite as blone with brown peek-a-boo highlights

Light brown with blonde highlights. Very pretty for a blonde wanting to go a little darker for fall

fall hair color and style! I'm happy with my current color, but for the future maybe this is a great color!

Every time I think the ombré is out, something like this happens...

A long curly hairstyle always creates a gorgeous and sexy effect. The soft curls bring add much volume and bounce to the usual hair.

mooie-haarkleuren-2014-52.jpg (460×643)

Brown Hair With Caramel Highlights. Caramel highlights come out best on brunette or brown hair than blonde hair. Caramel charm is most worth, if you want a sparkling effect on your brown hair.