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Awesome wish I had this when I was a kid!  elementary math videos. Learn times tables with songs

fun math poems for elementary school math! Also math poetry, math music videos, math songs, math problems, and math stories.

Jugamos con la resta

Number Line Subtraction/Addition Game. Using this game students can become familiar with adding and subtracting small values from numbers with the aid of a number line. (Helps to teach Math is Magnitude)

Mrs. T's First Grade Class: Alphabetical Order Cups

Expanded Number Form This is a great way to teach expanded form using styrofoam cups. Put the cups together to make the standard form of the number and separate them to see the expanded form.

Dance Math - students stand on the dance mat to show the answer - left leg tens, right leg ones

My girls love to dance! Dance Math - mixing academic learning and physical activity! Left leg is for the tens, right for the ones - hold up math facts and have them dance the answer!

neat idea to teach measuring to nearest inch by going on a classroom scavenger hunt after reading Inch by Inch.

Hide inch worms around the room. measure to the nearest inch or use non-standard units.like paper clips! All kids love a scavenger hunt. can use with the book "Inch by Inch"

Activities: Play Subtraction "War" or do the same for addition!

Play Subtraction

10 card games to Boost grade math skills - Here's how you can transform a deck of cards into a fun and interactive learning experience!

A Love for Teaching: Math  Different fractions reduce to common fractions

Math Match-up! Have students do the problem located on the clothes pin and match it up with the correct answer on the piece of paper. A creative game to work on multiplication/subtraction/addition, and could easily be used at a math center.

Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: Guided Math in First Grade - How to set up a math lesson with tubs.

She breaks down her math time from start to finish with whole group and math tubs, guided math, independent journal time and technology math. Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: Guided Math in First Grade

Oh my gosh this is amazing. Math games for each month!!!!! The only thing the kids need are their set of cards. This is amazing. Ahh-Mazing! I need to do this.

Great for math games!Attached the center cover sheet to a file folder and ran each folder through the laminator. After cutting the top of the folder, the teacher placed all of the activity sheets inside. Love this idea!