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If cayden ends up having a temper like me we will end up having this convo like my dad gave me BC I has anger issues when little! Got it from my daddy!

FREE Behavior Poster~ The folks at The Honey Bunch off this free What To Do When You're Angry poster to help students stop, assess, and then reflect. This simple process maps out healthy steps to follow when feeling are running high!

Anger Map- a fun tool to get to know a kid's triggers and what helps them calm down!

I used this many times yesterday and every kids loved it.....I made another copy and include various other feelings that I listed at the bottom of the page and left a blank where the word anger was. I let the kid pick the emotions.

Secondary Emotions: sometimes when we are angry there are other emotions under the surface.

06/28/'12 This site containes some great ideas to motivate children to write, by providing them with authentic writing purposes. Examples include writing letters and making a holiday planner. Children will really enjoy these writing activities!

These cards were created for use in the classroom for students to use when they are angry, frustrated, irritated, or upset. We teach students that ...Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at for therapy resources.

A social-emotional curriculum that provides step-by-step guidelines to help kids develop specific anger management and assertiveness skills (website has other non-pinable pages of tips!!!)

Sometimes, it's difficult to put feelings into words, especially for children. Use the iMOM Feel Wheel to help your children identify the emotions they're experiencing. Also show them these 6 steps for helping your child handle emotions.

Direct link to Free Emotions Chart (There are many free emotion-management activities on this Sheffkids site.)