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Favorite topic of conversation with date: I don't know. But I want to be playful. I think just us being silly. Joking around. That will be my favorite conversations.

We do this all the time and i think we have one of the biggest board game collections, its such a fun thing to do together and with friends and makes for some lasting memories :)

We do this on occasion and of course i always win :P :)

this sounds so selfish and totally not for real love but I love it because I would be faithful to this amazing boy and I would do every little cute thing he wanted me to do too :)

uhhhhh i always do this haha KAMALIA and our star gazing dates :) whataburger aallll the time! i tend to jump on a swing or two during late night adventures. yall say im wierd but this quote is why you keep me around! i keep it interesting haha

This is something I ATEMPT to do lol. Derek is very patient with me because I'm awful at almost all video games. However, this a lesson to all girls, guys don't care if your good at video games or if you'll make them lose if you play and your awful, all they truly care about is that you just spend the time with him trying something he loves, after all the countless shopping trips and stuff he does just for you :)

Being at a concert together is great- throw me on your shoulders and it's even greater!!

Why are they listening to headphones when you could just put it on the radio?