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  • Dai DeGardener

    Dog noses are in my top ten favorite things in the world.

  • Brooke Kelly

    peek a boo!

  • Dyan Melton

    Dogs may empathize with humans more than any other animal, including humans themselves, several new studies suggest. The latest research, published in the journal Animal Cognition, found that pet dogs may truly be man (or woman's) best friend if a person is in distress. That distressed individual does not even have to be someone the dog knows. So Cool, I totally believe this!

  • Rebecca Crawford

    Doggy style kissing booth lol

  • Robin M

    how could you not love that face ----- Yes, and what an opportunity. You can kiss him over and over, and there's not a thing he can do about it. Do you have a DIY tutorial on how to make that wedge and get your dog stuck in it?

  • mEgan

    Puppy face. So cute.

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This reminds me of my cocker spaniel, Bandit! He was a tricolor cocker so he was black, brown and white!

"I hope you can read my mind, because this ball is stuck in my mouth, and I would really appreciate some help getting it out. Then, once you get it out, I would like to play fetch."

When it comes to sleeping puppies in baskets, whatever the kind of basket may be, I just can't resist!

Walk a dog—even if you have to borrow one. Getting outside with a puppy by your side helps you reconnect with nature—a curious canine will stop to smell the flowers and the pine needles, and you’ll find yourself slowing down and soaking up the green.

"A todos os que sofrem e estão sós, dai sempre um sorriso de alegria. Não lhes proporciones apenas os vossos cuidados, mas também o vosso coração."Madre Teresa

When do you start giving us treats??

Them make great horse dogs! Ive met so many that'll jump into the saddle ^_^Australian shepherd puppy

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The routine of caring for a pet can bring structure and purpose to daily life. Maybe you don't always want to get out of bed, but your pet wants you to. Isn't that a good thing?

Are you my pillow? Well actually no choice cause u r now! Peace & comfort among friends! Love it!

westie in a bag - I want the tote and especially the Westie!