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Cute Cheer Team Photo. Cheerleading♡ @Christabelle Clip Lavarro Grace Wilkinson

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Holy crap not bragging or any thing but now I can do all of those stunts now yah I am so proud of my self

So true

Love this! New member Ed and VPM holding the frame with the new pledge class inside! Soo cute!

Oh. My. Gosh. IM ORDERING IT✊#straightouttacompton

Who would use acid to clean a #cheer uniform? Well, someone is because it made our list of How Not to Wash Your Cheer Uniform! Check out our blog for the Do's and Do NOTS of cheer uniform washing! http://blog.gtmsportswear.com/how-not-to-wash-you-cheer-uniform/

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Ahaha. Okay. Cuz its so insanely hard to sweep ice. But no, heel stretches and double downs are just easy as pie. You wish.

everything I love about cheerleading in one video.

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Look closely... This is a great group stunt. Lots of difficulty, cheerleading, #cheer, stunt, awesome.

These girls whip around like cogs in motion. | 13 Mighty Spirited Cheer Stunts

I love cheer <3

For The Love Of Stunting 2013

i love this! Cheerleading


for freshmen learning/incorporated in pyramid

This looks like a really cool stunt to do!!

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