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  • Kara Weber

    I love this lady. 91 year old Clara, has a cooking show on Youtube, it is about cooking depression meals. You learn about living in the depression while you learn how to cook simple yet yummy meals with simple nourishing ingredients.

  • Constance Lopez

    Great Depression Cooking - channel for good cheap recipes

  • Rebecca Elliott

    Depression Era Cooking, by Clara. This is wonderful.

  • Kathleen Ochiuto

    Great Depression Cooking Videos

  • Arawynn Eveningstar

    Aunt Clara's Depression Cooking ~ Peas and Pasta. This lady is amazing and so inspirational :)

  • Shelley Siegrist

    Great Depression Cooking - Pasta with Peas ~ Clara is a Gem..Love her humor and stories of the depression. She shares many different depression era recipes on Youtube

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