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Funny pictures about Delete Cookies ?, tagged with computer, cookie monster, cookies, delete posted in Gags

42 Fotos, die von Tieren ruiniert wurden. Bei Zweien blieb mir die Spucke weg. Vor Angst!

Animal Photobombs - Likes. Happy seal This is probably the cutest of all photobombs so far. If you don't get touched by the smile on this seal's face, than there must be something wrong with you.


Madge figured if her upper arm was gonna flap, she might as well make patriotic use of it - tattoo humor

haha so true! I use to love getting emails not i love getting snail mail! <3PenyaDS

So cute. This is why we write them. :) Mail then and now. So funny! Getting letters and cards through snail mail when he is on deployment is so much better than e-mails. Although I still need his e-mail every day.

Just a little Computer humor!  Someone in my IT class actually asked where the "ANY" key was on the keyboard lol. Best day ever LMAO!

any key ? Press Any Key To Start:. And thats why i printed at label out and set it on my keyboard to remember where it is any key ? Press Any Key To Start: And thats why i printed at label out and set it on my keyboard to remember where is

Couldn't help but laugh when I saw Barbie & Ken in a real world scenario! LOL

Long Term Relationship Barbie Funny Image from evilmilk. Long Term Relationship Barbie was added to the pictures archive on

Funny dirty cartoon

This is an old joke . "A bear and a rabbit were taking a dump in the woods. The bear asked the rabbit, "Does shit ever stick to your fur?" the rabbit replied "All the time!" So the bear wiped his ass with the rabbit.

From The Far Left Side

Cats aren’t atheists, but they couldn’t ever start a religion together either

Funny Cat Organized Religion Cartoon - The primary reason that cats will never develop a system of organized religion is that they all think they are gods

I used to never let Pay in our bed, but has become much more common on the weekends when she wants 'mommy's bed'.....

Funny pictures about Baby sleeping positions. Oh, and cool pics about Baby sleeping positions. Also, Baby sleeping positions photos.

Monster haben auch Probleme on http://www.drlima.net

Monster haben auch Probleme

Awwww, Monsters Have Problems Too!