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    #Easter #outfit #hat #childhood #memories #nostalgia #vintage #GoodOldDays

  • Lisa Reid

    Oh, I so remember this! White patent leather Mary Janes and white gloves - the obligatory Easter outfit for all little girls in the 70's

  • Doreen Jawad

    ALWAYS new easter outfit, outfitted with white shoes white socks with ruffles on them, white gloves and a white hat :)

  • Louise Vickers

    This photo really takes me back! Our Easter started with a sunrise service followed by breakfast, prepared by the men of the church, in the fellowship hall. We wore our new Easter dresses, white shoes, and bonnets. And as all Southerners know, this would be the first acceptable time to wear white. (Easter - Labor Day is when Southerners wear white) We did not have visits by the Easter bunny. We did have egg hunts in school and I remember my mother hosting at least one at our house. :)

  • Deborah Redfield

    Easter Dresses and baskets - 3 sisters showing off their "Easter Egg Hunt" bounty - dressed for Sunday Service - ( my sisters and I had matching dresses, but in Spring pastel colors - mine was lilac, one wore yellow, one wore soft green, etc). Oh yeah, and we each had different hats with flowers on them. Don't forget the white gloves - my grandmother told us that a lady isn't a lady without her white gloves!

  • Melissa Cook

    Remember when Easter always meant white patent leather shoes, lacy anklets, white gloves, and a hat?

  • Jennifer

    little girl outfits

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