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    • Tia Witting

      Laura #3d character #3d char|

    • Edho!

      Whale kis

    • NoneYa Business

      sometimes big whales kiss your boats. :) something about this catches my eyes

    • Eyes On Walls

      Whalelala by Lora Zombie - Available in Fine Art Print and other formats at EyesOnWalls #lorazombie #whale #boat #eyesonwalls #art #painting

    • Ali M.

      Lora Zombie. Sometimes big whales kiss your boats not so as you'd notice.

    • Simply Dreaming

      Whale Kiss #art #watercolor #illustration #ocean #boat

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    Il·lustració de Duy Huynh....#wings

    the pursuit of happiness bunny edition

    The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

    1950's poster issued by Senator Joseph McCarthy at the height of the Red Scare and anti communist witch hunt in Washington.

    Ahhh sleep

    "I'm working like never and at new attempts, figures in the open air as I understand them, made like landscapes. It is an old ream that still worries me and that I want to fulfill once and for all; but it is hard !" Claude Monet

    claude monet venice twilight painting

    The Birth of Venus is a painting by Sandro Botticelli. It depicts the Goddess Venus, having emerged from the sea as a full grown woman, arriving at the sea-shore.

    This sketch, and the notes that go with it, show how Leonardo understood the proportions of the human body. Each separate part was a simple fraction of the whole. For example, the head measured from the forehead to the chin was exactly one tenth of the total height, and the outstretched arms were always as wide as the body was tall.

    It is widely believed that the world's most famous portrait was commissioned by the family of Lisa del Giocondo, who was the wife of a rich Florentine merchant. "The extremely long period over which the painting was created, up to 16 years, is further evidence that Leonardo worked slowly"

    Michelangelo Buonarroti The Creation of Adam Painting

    The Potato Eaters, completed in 1885, is considered by many to be Van Gogh's first great work of art. At the time of its creation, Van Gogh had only recently started painting and had not yet mastered the techniques that would later make him famous.

    Vincent van Gogh's Sunflower paintings have been duplicated many times by various artists (although never reaching the vivacity and intensity of Van Gogh's) and displayed everywhere; from households to art expos.

    The Third of May, 1808, Painted in 1814

    Starry Night is one of the most well known images in modern culture as well as being one of the most replicated and sought after prints.