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Joe Manganiello (Lisette Lipscomb, why do you show me such things when I'm at work trying to concentrate?!)

ALCIDE!! media-cache3.pint... tyhay1208 celebrity boyfriends and girlfriends

Joe Manganiello | The House of Beccaria~

He definitely has the tousled hair down and the Greek God-like body for Mr. 50 himself. Just a thought. Lol.

Alcide aka Joe Manganiello

Joe Maganiello If you know me, you know that I have a type: kinda skinny, lanky, shy, maybe a little nerdy. But...look.

Alcide, (allthough, he was barely in Magic Mike, based, on what little, I saw of him, came to the conclusion, I gotta start watching True Blood!).

░ ENTERTAIN ME ░ no joe this week on true blood...and let's be real, he's pretty much the only reason i watch the show anymore.....

Im Team vampire all the way....except when it comes to this man.....Joe Manganiello is the only werewolf for me

Joe Manganiello