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can't wait

The Vampire Diaries Photo: The Vampire Diaries season 4 the past will come back to put everything in its place

VAMPIRE DAMO SALAVORTE PHOTOS | ... que elena me cae fatal pero que damon me encanta y como damon quiere

The Vampire Diaries Damon Salvatore(Ian Somerhalder) "Damon. The one who causes the pain can just as easily take it away.

Caroline & Enzo would be kind of cute together

i ship it. not gonna lie. i would love to see her finaly cave and fall for a guy like enzo and then klaus shows up and is like WTF caroline?

Ian Somerhalder

I just wish Elena would have chosen Damon from the beginning because he actually loves her no matter what, human or vampire, and Stefan can really only love her when she is human! <---love this comment!

The Vampire Diaries As much as I love Tyler , and I do LOVE him, I'm sorta starting to like Klaus a lot too and I kinda want Caroline to be with him a little...But I love Tyler!

The Vampire Diaries Caroline "Save me a dance, fondly, Klaus"


if only Elena could watch the first 5 seasons on TVD to see how stupid she was to have Ric compel away the fact that she ever loved Damon!