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  • Heather Chan

    Cute idea for weekly menu planning

  • Kayla Bite

    Weekly Menu Board cute idea.

  • Ple de felicitat .

    Never Run Out Of Dinner Ideas Again! This is my fave menu board yet :) (DIY menu planner)

  • Heather Morrow

    With a little planning, preparation and dedicating a spot in the kitchen that will be visible to the entire family. Finally, free up that precious time during the week that most of us spend possibly frantically shopping at the store for dinner items (& I bet overspending in the end) This is a fantastic board because the entire family can add/create Dinner Menu items. Put the name of meal on front of card (Ty's Chicken Alfredo Pasta Bake make them fun for your family) then on back I recommend listing every ingredient you will need from the store to make the meal anytime, and the step by step recipe for all parts of the meal so if the meal has sides or veggies include that. Store all menu items in the storage boxes on the board until your ready to add to the weeks menu. Then once a week when you do your shopping go to your menu box and randomly select (if you want to spice it up) 7 meals and now you already have the weeks meals planned plus the shopping list! Put the menu items up on the board when you return from the store and because you are so prepared if a family member switches up the board on you and swaps a meal out (Dad wants Tuesday's meal instead of Fridays on Monday) No Problem because you have PRE-PLANNED, SAVED TIME, are ORGANIZED and will Never Run Out Of Dinner Ideas Again!

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