Pretty baby gate!

A baby gate that is fun to play with! :)

Love the look of this baby gate. I Plan on adapting the design to a garden gate. (without the caster anyway)

Doggie Gate DIY + Ace Kick-Off - Once we get a doggie this will need to block off the stairs, but need to leave big enough gaps for the kitties.

Sleepwalker Gate Ideas

Homemade baby gate...2 shower curtain rods and fabric. Nice to know since we have an honory pup that needs to be blocked off from certain parts of the house!:)

Stylish Baby Gates


Modern Baby Gate Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas

Dutch door (half door) style baby gate for stairs. So much better than store bought baby gates!

Sleepwalker Gate Ideas

Barn Door Dog/Baby Gates

Custom painted plywood baby gate in BM Del Ray Gray | via Chezerby

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

DIY baby gate with self closing hinges

Dog/baby gate. Door cut with traditional latch lock. $25 gate and so much cuter! Clever

DIY baby gate using drawer slides. Genius! Free plans for building.

No need to place function over design. Love this custom doggie/baby gate!

DIY gate

Need to install a baby gate, but don't want to drill into the wooden stair banisters??? Cut a couple of 2x4's to the height of the banister, paint,and secure with heavy zip ties. Then just add the baby gate hardware to the new piece of wood........D.