"Take Five" Can't wait to do with my class!!

For my teacher friends: Don't just pin...WATCH. Within 30 seconds I had a new attention grabber and learned so many more teacher tricks...LOVE THIS!!! **This lady is amazing! I just watched all her youtube videos!**

Kalani demonstrating Rumble Ball. How fun!!

Syn - co - pa .... CLAP CLAP !!! What a fun idea to try with the middle years kids! I know my 6's would love it.

Syncopa, Beat Passing Game Music a la Abbott: Big Bunch of Roses

Children pass the ball in this cooperative music game, and when they hear a "new" sound, the ball is passed in the opposite direction. This musical activity fosters cooperation in a fun, non-competitive way. You can request a free catalog of educational music and movement activities via email at SalemPerformingArts@msn.com

Orff - Body Percussion and Singing. very Cool

Movement Routine to Minute Waltz by Chopin. Could also use for movement exploration, high vs. low, melodic direction. Orff approach and let the students explore instead of giving them the movements. Lesson extension - or second or 3rd time with song, give more parameters to teach form as shown in video.

Denise Gagne. Kodaly's Viennese Musical Clock. Cup movement active listening lesson

Second Grade Scarf Routine to Primo Vere Ecce Gratum by Carl Orff - YouTube

We Will ROCK You! CUP SONG - looks like great fun!

Name Game

Orff Level I Belmont "Body Percussion Rondo"

Irish Washer Woman - steady beat movement

Definitely going to do this with the kinders.

Fun for indoor recess! - Cha Cha Slide Easy To Dance Steps

great tool for teaching call and response-includes movement!

Rhythm with Basketball- love this idea! It would also be a great activity if you ever want to do a joint lesson with your gym teacher (we often do that during the end of the year when I get temporarily kicked out of my classroom during SOL testing).

Fun Activities using Foam Noodles

Throw and Catch - A great vocal activity that is catchy! Use balls or beanbags for younger students.

PE Catching and Throwing game - Catch Everything - YouTube