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    • Irene Luton

      Is Hudson House haunted?

    • Jeana

      Abandoned Hudson House Ashland,Alabama(Not much is known of the history of Hudson house, it is a small run down house It is thought the house was built in the early 1900s, but accurate records are difficult to come by.)

    • Aubrey Hardegree

      Hudson House, Ashland, Alabama - not much is known about the house, though it is speculated that it was built some time in the early 1900's. Reported activity includes disembodied footfalls and voices, a dark figure that walks along the roof, the front door opening and closing on its own and physical contact (not violent). How have I never been here?

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    The Haunted Flanders Hotel, Ocean City, New Jersey

    The Wyoming Territorial Prison at Laramie State Park is known to be haunted.

    Hawk Tower, Tor House in Carmel, Ca - Robinson & Una Jeffers are still here in spirit and paranormal activity is reported almost daily here by visitors and staff.

    Villa Montezuma, San Diego, CA was built in the late 1800's by Jesse Shepherd, a spiritualist who conducted seances here, and he is one of two spirits who still makes himself known around the place.

    Built at the turn of the last century, the Sutro Baths in San Francisco was once a popular recreation center. It burned down in 1966 but people still come to visit and to hear the screams. Disembodied screams can be heard in the tunnel where it's been said that people were sacrificed. Legend has it that if you visit the baths at night and light a candle at the end of the tunnel, someone or something will come and throw it into the ocean below.

    Built 1927, the San Francisco Art Institute was built on the site of an old cemetery. People have reported hearing footsteps and seeing apparitions, perhaps of the old ‘residents’. A séance was held there in 1968 in response to many near fatal accidents while renovating the tower.

    A 3 year old girl named Carrie who died in 1887 has been haunting the roads leading east out of Washington, North Carolina for well over a hundred years now. She is always seen in the pale yellow dress she was buried in, and has actually caused tragic car accidents in 1966 and 1989 due to people trying to avoid hitting her apparition. People have often reported her to the local police, only to be told not to worry once her description is noted.

    The Delta Queen, a paddle steamboat, was assembled at Banner Island Shipyard in Stockton, California in May of 1927. * She was one of the most luxurious American steamboats ever built at a cost of one million dollars. Mary Becker Greene fondly known as “Ma” was once the owner and co-captain of the Delta Queen. It is she who haunts the boat to this day.

    The Palatine Light, Curse of the Princess Augusta - Block Island, Rhode Island...with a 150 souls on board, many of them German, their destination was Philadelphia. A terrible turn of events would prevent this; after enduring an arduous journey many passengers due to sickness and disease were lost. The ship hand decided to mutiny and proceeded to killed the captain and overtake the Princess Augusta, to this day, many claim that a fiery orange light appears off Sandy Point on Block Island.

    On the DeCoursey Bridge that crosses the Transquaking River by Greenbriar Swamp in Maryland, you may encounter Big Lizz; the ghost of a former slave who was a spy for the Union. Legend states that if you follow her into the swamp, you will never return. The story has been around since the Civil War and has developed immense popularity with both locals and visitors, and is written about often.

    The Harmony Inn, PA - There have been many media reports about the entities who reside at the Harmony Inn, many of which are posted on the wall in the bar area. Some of the radio stations and newspaper in western Pennsylvania who have confirmed these paranormal occurrences are KDKA, WDOCI, Pittsburgh Press, and Post Gazette. Some quick photographer snapped a picture of the image of the man in a mirror, which is also on display in the bar area.

    Mason Children's Home, Guthrie, OK - back in the 1920's, when there was no welfare system, families that could not care for their children were able to bring them here. They were given a warm bed, meals, education and much more. It shut down in 1978 and remained abandoned until 2000. Reported activity includes multiple apparitions, including a young girl pleading for protection and a shadow lurking in the bell tower. Also reported are the sounds of disembodied cries and negative feelings.

    White House Apartments, Omaha - is a Victorian mansion likely built around the turn of the 20th century and in its history it has served as a private residence, a hospital and apartments. Several entities haunt the premises that are unknown as far as who they are and why they're there. They could be from its hospital days, or spectral drifters from the funeral home next door. Most reported is the apparition of a young woman in white who gives startled residents a smile before she disappears.

    Hart Island has been many things; in the mid-19th century, it housed confederate POWs; in the mid-20th, it held POWs from World War 2. The island has also been home to a prison and a womens asylum, a workhouse and NIKE missile base. Since 1869, the island has also served as New York's sixth Potters Field. Approximately 800,000 bodies are buried on the island, making it the largest publicly funded cemetery in the world.

    In Escondido, CA - Haunted Elfin Forest Recreation Reserve (also called Harmony Grove) This is a great place to hike, however these woods are extremely haunted. The White Lady is seen along the trails usually in broad daylight. Hikers report being touched on their shoulders and watch as she floats above the ground and passes through objects. Most see a smiling woman from a distance only to realize its a ghostly apparition.

    "The Horse You Came In On" is located in Fells Point, Baltimore and is said to have been a favorite hang out for Edgar Allen Poe. The bar is supposedly haunted by Poe's spirit.The chandelier swings by itself and the cash register opens and closes as if it has a life of its own. Many claim that if you deny the presence of Edgar your bar stool will be pulled out from under and beer bottles will be dropped to the floor.

    The Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas quickly earned a national reputation as one of the most haunted places in the U.S. -- almost certainly the most haunted in the state of Kansas. The rather simple-looking painted brick house at 508 N. Second Street, built between 1867 and 1871, gives no indication from the street of its spooky reputation, but the many experiences of thos

    The Hartness House in Springfield, Vermont was built in 1904. There are a series of rooms under the front lawn that James Hartness had built to escape the noise of everyday life. In the main house electricity randomly goes out for no obvious technical reason, objects go missing to be placed some where else,the basement especially the housekeeping quarters there are presence of something watching you.

    Verden Psychiatric Hospital What's creepier than abandoned dentures in a mental asylum.

    Old Western Burial Ground in Baltimore, Maryland - both the cemetary and the catacombs below Westminster Hall (where people are said to have been buried alive) are haunted - Leona Wellesley, an insane asylum patient, was buried here in a strait-jacket and she is seen and heard following people through the cemetary, watching them and laughing - the spirit of an old groundskeeper is still chasing people off the grounds while waving a shovel at them

    Antietam Battlefield in Maryland - the site of America's bloodiest single-day battle, with more than 23,000 lives lost that day. Hundreds of visitors and locals have reported seeing soldiers in uniform, still on the field, seen wandering around as if lost, many hear the fire of cannons and guns, the sightings seem to be most prevalent at dawn and dusk.

    Sounds of ghostly horses can be heard at the Mount Hope Cemetery in Logansport, Indiana.

    Frith Wood in England - this area was the setting for drama throughout the early 19th century, where French prisoners were held during the Naploeonic Wars. One woman fell in love with a prisoner here but was beaten to death by her own father and brother as punishment. She is still seen running frantically through the trees and is heard sobbing by visitors.

    The Haunting at Clifton Hall. Here is quite an intriguing tale of haunted history and a family fleeing their home. Head to this link for the full article:

    Jamestown, TN - There are a bunch of stories about the old and haunted Pine Haven School here....