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Hudson House, Ashland, Alabama - not much is known about the house, though it is speculated that it was built some time in the early 1900's. Reported activity includes disembodied footfalls and voices, a dark figure that walks along the roof, the front door opening and closing on its own and physical contact (not violent).

The house in St. Louis, MO were the exorcism of Roland Doe was conducted in 1949. This true story is what inspired William Peter Blatty to write the 1971 novel and the 1973 film both named The Exorcist.


7 most terrifying places in Alabama, as seen on TV (Odd Travels, Halloween Edition) (gallery, video)

The 1835 Sweetwater Mansion in Florence, home of former Gov. Robert Patton, is shown when it was for sale in 2005. It is currently privately owned. A crew from the A&E show "Paranormal State" investigated reported hauntings at the home in 2011. ( Photo)

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13 Spooky-Looking Houses That Have Inspired Ghost Stories

So the story goes, after both parents committed double suicide in the Sayer House their four small children raised themselves for more than a decade in this home in Kentucky.

The Allen House. Most haunted house in America. Monticello, AR I HAVE DRIVEN BY THIS OLD PLACE MANY TIMES.

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108 Ocean Ave, Amityville, NY 11701

Amityville Horror House on Market for $1.15 Million | Zillow Blog

Allen House in Arkansas reported to be one of the most haunted houses in America.

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McRaven House

McRaven is considered the most haunted house in Mississippi. It was built in 1797 by a highway bandit named Andrew Glass, who died in his room after being shot. One of the first ghosts seen there is that of a Confederate soldier who died there in 1886 when it was briefly used as a hospital. He appears in the parlor and on the front porch. Other ghosts from past residents dating as far back as Glass have also been seen. Activity includes physical attacks, flickering lights and slamming doors.

The Huffington Postfrom The Huffington Post

13 Spooky-Looking Houses That Have Inspired Ghost Stories

The Cater House Estates in Buffalo, New York was home to the local sheriff Donald Caters when he shot himself. The home went into foreclosure in 1968. The house remained vacant and haunted ever since with locals alleging they hear voices coming from the house regularly.

This is a photo of a home in Ravenna, Ohio. It was taken by the owners' 14-year-old son in May, 2008. It shows what appears to be a young girl looking out of the window. The owner of the house & her son were the only ones home at the time. They have no idea why a young girl would show up in the window of the house. The house, built in the early 1930's, has been reported to have had a history of supernatural activity.

The Nathaniel White House, Goshen, NY - An overwhelming sense of evil is felt here. Reactions from witnesses have included uncontrollable fear to a powerful need to leave that cannot be ignored to actual physical illness including migraines and vomiting. There has also been reports of powerful empathic feelings of incredible pain and sorrow. Disembodied voices have been heard as well as inhuman growling and scratching noises. Electronic devices have failed here and batteries have been…

Congelier House possesses a tragic history, starting with a double homicide in 1871 and ending in 1901 with the discovery of several female corpses. Because of the reported paranormal activity, Edison was inspired to create a device to speak with the dead, though the research was never finished due to his own death. Unfortunately the house was destroyed in a gas explosion, but the land it sat upon is rumored to be a hot spot of continued paranormal activity.

This ship was last seen in 1925, and has mysteriously reappeared after disappearing 90 years ago, in the Bermuda Triangle! She remains intact, and afloat, and has NEVER been seen by any aircraft, or sea~going ships, in 9 decades..nor has she ever run aground! Where has she been..and what happened to her crew? No skeletal remains have been found aboard ship!

The back story: Adam was a roofer working for Koch Construction in Tremont, Illinois. Koch was hired to roof the house by the new owners. The previous owner passed away nearly three months before. They had been working on the house for two days when Adam snapped this photograph with his camera phone. They saw no one there at the time but caught this image in the window.

Early French explorers originally dubbed it Massacre Island for the mounds of sun-bleached bones that they found there. What they didn't realize was that they had disturbed a sacred Native American burial ground that is rumored to be watched over by supernatural specters at night. Since that "spirited" beginning, the whispers and shadowy folklore surrounding Dauphin Island, Alabama

Clovis Wolfe Manor - there is a lot of uncomfortable history surrounding this house and many reports of paranormal activity from disembodied screams to cold spots, from a heavy atmosphere to moving furniture. Just how much is real and how much is embellished is unknown, but one thing is for certain...this is one creepy house!!!

Haunted Lake Shanee Amusement Park - Princeton, West Virginia. It was initially opened in 1926, but closed in 1966 after the accidental deaths of a couple of kids. It was reopened in 1985 then again closed in 1988. Paranormal activity includes disembodied voices, Native American chanting, unexplained sounds and some of the long abandoned rides will move on their own. There is also said to be a full-bodied apparition of a man in one of the Ferris Wheel cars.