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Pequeños wixárika

Mercado de la Ciudadela | 10 Mercados que todo chilango debe conocer. #México #DF

Some of the excellent woven art from Mexco: Jalisco, Mexico


Linea del tiempo de la Revolución hasta el Cardenismo

Emiliano Zapata - Caudillo del Sur


#YAMECANSE de ver a mi patria en constante luto, de la impunidad que impera en el gobierno, de la indiferencia, el miedo y apatía que en los ciudadanos se genera. La revolución y el cambio inician con los libros en las manos. GK.

La llorona en nahuatl - YouTube

One of Mexico's oldest religious traditions, these elaborate wooden hearts have long been considered a cornerstone of popular Mexican folk art. Each handmade heart has been painstakingly adorned with tiny brass figures known as "milagros". The numerous tiny images nailed into each heart represent prayers and thanks for life's tiny miracles and gifts of heaven. The same religious charms are popularly used in Mexico's churches and on altars, and now you can faithfully decorate your own home wit...

#day of the dead #dia de los muertos #sugar skull

Dia de los Muertos - Crossbones

Day of the Dead: Huichol mascara

Clase politica en México!

"APAPACHO" es una palabra proveniente del nahuatl que se podría traducir como "acariciar la esencia", "acariciar el alma", "acariciar el interior"...?

zapatistas..I have dreamt of them twice vividly and it felt like I was watching a historical documentary

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HUITLACOCHE: Huitlacoche dates back to the Aztecs who enjoyed the naturally-occuring corn fungus as part of their diet. They would use the corn and the attached fungus in tamales and stews. Many Native American tribes also consumed the fungus and viewed it as a delicacy.

Jesus Helguera. Helguera's wife, Julia Gonzalez Llanos, a native of Madrid, Spain, was his favorite model and inspiration for many of his paintings. Sometimes Julia was painted wearing traditional Mexican rural attire with a rebozo and at other times in a vibrant folklorico dress.

Los grandes

Original... #Mexico If you understand Mexico, you'll understand the significance of the nopal.

Jesus Helguera - I want to wear a wrap and make such a sweeping gesture!

beautiful frida