charming greenhouse made of recycled materials

Glass House with Floor. This one would be perfect in Ocean Shores because who cares if it is rainy, it's so much more awesome than sitting in the trailer. A little table and cozy chairs, some wall mounted candle holders and seashells mounted on the frame.

Beautiful and clever expansion. That seems like a nice, little project for the vacation week, right honey? (red wooden house with a plant filled little greenhouse/ sunroom)

Greenhouse / garden shed created from old windows that were removed from a school. Created by Sara (Calico Apron on Flickr.)


DIY greenhouse made out of old windows and doors

small greenhouse

Top 38 Best Ways To Repurpose and Reuse Old Windows

love this greenhouse

Recycled window greenhouse

Yes!!! I'm so doing this with all of the old house windows.

A really nice outdoor space.

Lovely Small Greenhouse

"Then I needed a visual divider between my vegetable garden and collection of hostas so I took 3 windows (also removed the glass). I positioned them on their sides, hung beads and crystals in the center of each pane and attached them on the top and bottom with 2x4 for stability. They serve as a low wall"

xx..tracy porter..poetic wanderlust...-greenhouse


Use old windows. What an awesome idea for a greenhouse.

Another little greenhouse from old windows.

Victory Orangery Greenhouse |

The greenhouse benches were added to house all the trays of seedlings come Spring.