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O'Grady Coat of Arms

Grady Family of Duplin John and Mary Whitfield Grady had 11 children. Their son, Frederick, is my 5th great grandfather.

Six armed men held up the Bank of Mars Hill [NC] in September 1935. The robbery was discovered by two local girls. Their warning was relayed to the telephone switchboard operator who sounded the town fire alarm. The startled robbers fled the bank with $2,000 and sprayed the town with gun fire as they drove away. Later 100 bullets holes were found in buildings on Main Street.

James Snider Snider family photo. A distant cousin) born 1843 in Tennessee. Confederate soldier.

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Relatives Hooper family

John Grady, Jr killed at Moore's Creek Bridge battle. Brother to Frederick Grady

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The Mullamast Stone, from 500-600 in Ireland. There are 4 blade marks on the left side of the stone and 2 deep ones on top, suggesting that the stone was used as part of a “sword in the stone” kingship ritual. The perpetuation of the importance of the “sword in the stone,” which comes from Arthurian legend, demonstrates the continuity of Celtic rituals even after the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.

Northern Ireland - Said to be the earliest datable Christian monument in Ireland. This carved Standing Stone at Kilnasaggart is inscribed to Ternohc who according to the Irish Annals died in 714AD.

I always like pictures of Hiking and being out in the woods. stuff like this always prompts me back to peace and ease rather than pictures of cities.. maybe it's just me. But I hope you all find peace in the natural than the synthetic.. in the denims not the polyester.. in the woods, not the backstreets. -- DD. Bek C.: Gougane Barra Forest Park, Cork, Ireland

Aran Islands, Ireland

Audrey Hepburn for Halloween--love it! @mayiferran @almacristobal

Lonan Church - Wheelhead Cross, Isle Of Man.

Clan Names of Ireland Map

Ever wanted to know how Irish people wrote before they adopted the Roman Alphabet? This is the 'Ogham Alphabet' and its how the pre-Irish used to write. This book, the "Book of Ballymote", dates to at least 1st Century BC.

Ireland - when Bronwyn thinks of Clive in Ireland, this is the kind of remote place she imagines him in.

Decorated with curvilinear designs of the Celtic style La Tene, and encircle with a Greek key pattern, the Turoe stone dates to sometime in the 1st to 3rd centuries BC (Co. Galway, Ireland)

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