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Hand Screened Poster designed, printed, and signed by Kentuckian Tim Jones of Olive Hill. Native Son and 16th President Lincoln said these most true words describing how Kentucky Kicks Ass in 1861 with the country on the brink of war. Honest Abe knows what he's talking about- he's got a monument, a fiver, and a dope ass ride all in his honor. Way to go Abe. This is a limited edition of 150. Note each print has slight variations, we were all bourbon drunk when we made them.

Ran across this fan photo of kick ass Kentuckian Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence rocking a 'Kentucky Kicks Ass' t-shirt on twitter. This made our day, she's amazing. She's a believer.

Kentucky Kicks Ass: “Upon birth every new baby in Kentucky is awarded a barrel of bourbon. Typically by the time that child is 7 or 8 they’ve drank their barrel of bourbon and have began to show signs of kicking ass. By the age of 12 they’ve become full-on kick ass Kentuckians” - CNN

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Kentucky Letterpress State Print

Kentucky love

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Kentucky Art Print, I Love You From Here To KENTUCKY, Shown in Royal Blue - Choose Color Canvas Frame

From Here to Kentucky