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  • Sam Barbian

    Rainbow flowers. They brought in white roses & in separate containers I put food colored water. Split the stems and let them sit. Change the colors every couple of hours. Due to adhesion and capillary action, the water rises up the stem and deposits the color on the white petal. I can't wait to see the end results!

  • Michelle Muriuki

    Rainbow roses!! Nothing is more beautiful than this.

  • Jenessa Epperson

    tye dye roses | tie dye roses

  • Dee Hudson

    Rainbow Roses, Tie Dye Roses, what ever they are called I will take a dozen please!

  • Judy Caseley

    HOW TO MAKE A RAINBOW ROSE: Obtain a perfect white rose with 8-9 inches stem. Cut the end of the stem into 4 equal parts and up 6 inches. Dip the 4 stems ends into 4 cups of food coloring & wait for 24 hours. I suggest these color combinations: red-blue-green-yellow... violet-red-blue-yellow... or yellow-purple-grey-blue. Make other colors too! See website.

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