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The Cult of Caboodles

I have an unnatural obsession with Caboodles. Actually, that's not true. I have an unnatural obsession with how Caboodles make me feel. As a child, I associated them with being a fun, focused, sophisticated young woman. As I got older, well... let's just say things got complicated. Caboodles were in...
  • Melissa Wood

    Every '80s girl either owned a Caboodle or had at least one friend who had one. Mine was green and hot pink with a purple latch.

  • Jane Wallace

    childhood memories.

  • Jamie Dugan

    caboodles! Memory lane!

  • Kelsey Hayes

    Fourth Grade Nothing: Caboodles '80s Plastic Makeup Case Kit "old school"

  • Lisa Daffin

    Still have mine; my daughter just bought me a new case and told me to get rid of it; was using for nail polish

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Caboodles! Still have mine. The purple one in the middle, use it every day.

CABOODLES!!!!! My brother gave me my first one for Christmas in 1992! It was black on the bottom and hot pink on the top. I LOVED IT!! WISH I STILL HAD IT : (

The Caboodle! Every girl had one back in the 80's..... My aunt Shirley bought me one when I was in jr. high school....... that was 25 or so years ago...... I still have it too (minus the mirror that eventually fell out.... AND up to just a couple or so years ago I used it still...... it's packed away now.

Caboodles! I remember them... but I had the knockoff of Caboodles (what were those called? it was also a little kit that came in bright colors...)

The revamped 80's tackle box. I loved them. I remember buying my first one. I was so proud of it. I used it through the early nineties in my college years. The girls coveted it. I miss my Caboodle.

caboodles ♥ who else had one?? Mine was purple!

caboodles...still have mine, now it holds my nails stuff

And you could fit everything you needed and more in your Caboodle with ease. | The 20 Most Essential Items In Your '90s Beauty Kit

Mimeograph machine - Teachers would use this to print worksheets for the class. If you were lucky, they were at your desk fresh and COLD and smelling wonderful!! Someone should have bottled that smell! --- and that purple color :)

80's Caboodle for your make-up & accessories. Still had it my first teaching and used it for all my overhead stuff! Lol

So remember wearing these and having to call my mom or dad to constantly tie the straps.