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  • Angelica Reyes

    ... So dream big

  • Anne

    What's stopping you? That's right. Nothing. Inspirational quote.

  • Jodie B

    what's stopping you that's right nothing, motivational quotes, motivational image quotes, motivational picture quote, motivational image, motivation picture quote, motivation image, inspirational images,

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my heart's been broken and put back together again, I've been lied to, I've been rejected, I've failed... but I've gotten back up again... 2013 is the year that I have no pain... no baggage... nothing but a heart that is completely open for love... how bout you?

some times it isn't about checking of the to-do list as much as it is about how you lived the day.

I choose now! I will do this! I want to see my body in the best shape of my life! I want my 30's to be great and sexy! I want my son to have a healthy Mom, and my Husband to be proud of having his wife on his arm!

Over the past 55 days, my client has lost an astonishing 67 pounds!!! Watching her transformation has been a true blessing. :)

Everyone likes to use the Wayne Gretzky quote of "don't skate where the puck is, but skate to where it will be," but I like this one better. Classic, timeless.

For every difficulty that supposedly stops a person from succeeding there are thousands who have had it a lot worse and have succeeded anyway. So can you.

Visual Dose February 01, 2015 at 03:48AM | Designcollector

in order to lead a fascinating life - one brimming with art, music, intrigue and romance ♥ words to live by.