Intro To Mixed Media Art Journaling

Techniques I've never seen before. I was mesmerized!

Preparing a book for art journaling

(After the 1st 10 mins of that music I just wanted to be on the beach in Cabo working on my tan ;) not the best artist out there but a good tutorial on color journaling & building a background)... Look at that amazing rainbow background, made with watercolor crayons!!! Love this; watch her make the whole page! -- Art Journaling {FF}

Vertical Lines : A couple cool techniques by Milliande

Art Journaling 101 - Episode 1, Part 1

Video on using 'metal' in mixed media.... awesome technique.....thanks!

Mixed Media Tutorial printing on tea bags.

Mixed media, I love you.

Mixed Media Artist Papers Vol. 3 – Roben-Marie - THE SHOP

art journal - mixed media and collage

Mixed Media on Canvas -Part # 1

Art Journal Technique: Sharpie Ghost

For journals! Mixed Media Tutorial - Collage

great advice on the best pens for mixed media art

Mixed Media on Canvas - Part # 2

Mixed Media

In this clip from Art Journaling 5 - Mix Up The Media , Kate Crane shows how easy it is to design a stencil, cut it out using the Gryo-Cut tool, then use a gel plate and acrylic paint to print the design onto her work. - Art Journaling 5 - Mix Up The Media - YouTube

Make your own modeling paste for mixed media collage or art journal; quick easy cheap

Love, Paris. Vintage Mixed Media Art

butterfly..... speed demo painting mixed media