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Architect Kazumasa Yamashita's Face House #nesthappyhomes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLmFSloPmk8=1

Kazumasa Yamashita /// Face House (House with a Face) /// Kyoto, Japan /// OfHouses (staff picks). (Photo source: ‘Kazumasa Yamashita: Recent Works and Projects’, Process 132 /

clown nose

Sometimes faces can be hidden in the most unassuming places. Here are 25 funny human-looking faces that have b.

their humble abode  Japan style of living

Image "Reversible Destiny Lofts" Shusaku Arakawa in Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan.

LOOS.FM Creates Gigantic LEGO-Inspired Church Pavilion in the Netherlands

Unusual church, this temporary structure in the Netherlands. It's built not out of LEGO bricks, but Legioblocks — concrete blocks made to resemble LEGO bricks. Michiel de Wit and Filip Jonker erected it for the Grenswerk Festival in the city of Enschede.

I love buildings that aren't afraid to express themselves.

House faces always make me smile!Pareidolia is the word for when you see a face where there is none.

Museum of Modern Art - MUMOK (MUseum MOderner Kunst), Vienna, Austria. EPIC!!

This is actually an art installation at (on?) the Vienna Museum of Modern Art. By Erwin Wurm: House attack - Vienna - Crazy Architecture From Around the World

Beirut, Lebanon-based instagrammer Serjios took this photograph of a neglected retro apartment building. “When I think of bubbles of life I think of these bubbly colorful balconies. They almost look like balloons heading to the sky. Each one of them has a life of its own, its own rythm and character. In this particular building, one can say that life is a stage indeed.”

Beirut building with circular openings in facade - this is fabulous on every level, the architecture, the colours and the photography. I love it, it shouts which is when Beirut was in it's heyday.

Tomi Ungerer-designed kindergarten

Katzenkindergarten—a cat-shaped kindergarten— designed by Tomi Ungerer in 2002 with Turkish architect Ayla Yöndel in Wolfartsweier, Germany

50 things that look like faces

It& absolutely hilarious to find faces in inanimate objects. Were they designed that way? Are they haunted? Either way, these silly coincidences can turn an everyday item into a great conversation starter.

Ventura, California: The designer Dennis Oppenheim calls it "the metamorphosis of a bus becoming a house".

Since 2002 the Ventura bus stop at Telegraph Rd next to the Pacific View Mall remains as Ventura’s most controversial piece of public art. Created by renowned sculptor, Dennis Oppenheim, “Bus Home ” is a looping cork screw of steel, concrete, acry.

52 Of The Most Famous Buildings In The World That Are Known For Their Unconventional Architectural Structure (32)

The Binoculars Building, originally the Chiat/Day Building, is a commercial office building located in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.