this picture makes me laugh!! filthy, old and extremely happy chimp!!! if only they treated Caesar like this in "#Rise of the Planet of the Apes"


Mostly unfortunate wedding photos.. So so bad and yet so funny! CAN'T STOP LAUGHING

The old man from Pixar's UP is real! #pixar #up

Will someone tell that little girl in the yellow this is a marathon not 'the relay'?

nature photography gone wrong

The secret is out. Nessie is really an elephant!

Bitches be cray.

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This explains my sinus problems, but is going to add a challenging aspect to my blind date tonight…

Stick Figure Family Compilation - Seriously, For Real?

This is totally something @Vickie Cox would have done! This makes me laugh...


Funny mission done by king monkey

I need me one of them. Not sure what I would do with it. But I would like to hang a sign on the door that says beware of top secret battle monkeys.

Jim Gaffigan

Grocery tetris

I love this... wonder how many times they took this before it worked.