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The human body is made of pure water. This is why we feel so at ease in the sea. Our bodies call us to enter its realms, be sheltered by its refreshing hugs and smouldered by its wet kisses. Give in to the scent of salt, the scent of our souls.


I love mermaid legends. What is it about mermaids? Old-fashioned sailor and mermaid photo shoot.

Project Mermaids

There are loner mermaids that don't belong to any families( families is what u call a group of mermaids) and so they roam around playing in the water and sometimes living as human that has a job or even a family of their own

The Mayde's in the Crash Passes are a dangerous folk. A hungry folk. Beware the Shark Mayde's.

♒ mermaids among us ♒ art photography & paintings of sea sirens & water maidens -sarah lee