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Vintage Eyeglass holder brooch Cat Eye glasses http://www.globaleyeglasses.com

Eyeglass display - fruit holder mobile

EYEGLASS NECKLACES GLASSES Chains Eyeglass Holder Eye by Speclace

Pink Ribbon Beaded Add-A-Bead Eyeglass Holder

Eyeglass Holders, the Eyeglass Necklace from La Loop

EyeGlass Holder Eye Glasses Necklace Eyeglasses Necklace by JanGal, $10.00

Pink Cats Eye Eyeglass Holder Eyeglass Chain Glass by arepaki, $16.00

Brown Eyeglass Holder Necklace Brown Glass Pendant by TesoroDelSol

Eye glasses holder necklace

EYEGLASS HOLDER Eye Glass Chain Gold Plated Chain by arepaki, $9.00


NECKLACE that holds your GLASSES, Glasses HOLDER Eyeglass Necklace Beaded Necklace Glasses chain Eye glass necklace Glasses leash

Eye Glasses Eye Glasses Necklace Eyeglass Holders by JanGal, $25.00

eyeglass holder

Medici :: Allurements Eye Gotcha Eyeglass Holder

Beaded Badge ID Lanyard Eyeglass Holder Glass Pearls by LandKbeads, $20.00

Eyeglass Holders, the Eyeglass Necklace from La Loop: La LOOP is a chic version of traditional eyeglass lanyards. The styles are fresh and modern, but that's just part of the appeal. The loop that holds your glasses is supported by hinges which swivel 360 degrees. The patented hinged design keeps glasses lying flat, so they won’t twist or fall off even when you run, jump or dance..

Eyeglasses holder