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Yes it is. ALL life should be celebrated AS A GIFT from GOD, for that's exactly what it is...

These figures are most likely conservative, as well. HEINOUS. And the liberals hold that evil Satanist, Margaret Sanger, founder of the kill centers, planned parenthood, up as a woman to be admired and emulated. DEMENTED.

Happy Money Saverfrom Happy Money Saver

"Motherhood is a Choice You Make Everyday"

Love it. so true

... Tonight before getting into bed I looked at the calendar and realized tomorrow was your birthday... I reminded myself to tell u happy birthday, then remembered you weren't here!! Crying myself to sleep I wish I was with you... #missyou #Theorichard #loveyou

AMEN! True? Helpful? Inspiring? Necessary? Kind? "THINK" before you speak ;)