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Miya is up to 89 pounds, and is recovering from her spay. The video clip shows her Bailey Chair and how calm and relaxed she is waiting for her hold time to be over. Miya gets 4 meals a day - 2 cups of ground kibble with 2 cups of tepid water to make a gruel. She then has a hold time of 25 minutes before she leaves her chair and resumes her play time with her foster siblings.

Dog on Park Bench - 8 x 10 Print

My foster dog has megaesophagus so he has to eat in this chair. He doesn't seem to mind!

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This is Wrigley- 6 months - he is a special needs pup. He has a severe form of megaesophagus -the muscles of the esophagus fail and it cannot propel food or water into the stomach which can lead to aspiration leading to pneumonia. He needs to be fed in a chair that forces him to sit upright - Bailey Chair - to avoid starvation/aspiration pneumonia. This is a time consuming process and requires dedication. Wrigley is at Adopt A Golden Atlanta.

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He Made A Shocking Discovery When He Adopted A Dog. But What He Did Is Brilliant.

Smart dog with special needs knows how to do the most amazing thing » DogHeirs | Where Dogs Are Family « Keywords: congenital megaesophagus

Bailey Chair (Princess Throne) built by my son for Leia after she was diagnosed with canine megaesophagus