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whittled clothes pin animals

Am loving these animal clothes pegs - bring back the art of whittling!

DIY Craft Projects for the Home, Teens and Men! Secret Log Box | Cool Ideas for Do It Yourself Projects

Easy Wood Burning Projects

Add distinctive designs to a variety of bare-wood projects and get crafty with these 15 easy to make DIY wood burning projects. Get into wood burning art.

Old fashioned peg dolls

clothespeg doll = antique clothespeg + hand-knit & vintage wool clothing + hand-coloured face & hair Idea for Isabel?

The Sky is Falling by Annalise Rees.Sorry it squished it a little, but have a look here for different views of this piece and her artists statement.

Tower of box houses--fun! Great Team building activity / writing project: create a house mountain and write about life there.

Mekkotehdas: Pyörremyrskyn jäljiltä

dollshouse from an old dresser or small bookcase - for my friends with little girls

Walking sticks by Allen Goodman, a Woodcarving instructor at the John C. Campbell Folk School | folkschool.org

Walking sticks by Allen Goodman, a Woodcarving instructor at the John C.

Michelle Maher's stoneware (cone 8) paper clay recipe inspired by Henry Pim's demo at International Ceramics Festival 2005. 2 parts crank clay body : 1 part paper pulp (I use 3 ply toilet roll) + 1 ml pure tea tree oil for each toilet roll used - slows down rotting! I get up to 6 months from a batch. I've been using this recipe for 10 yrs, firing to 1260 C and it's a fantastic clay body - very plastic, light, glazes well - but you must VENTILATE YOUR KILN CORRECTLY!! www.ceramicforms.com

Michelle Maher's stoneware (cone paper clay recipe inspired by Henry Pim's…