Turn a dresser or armoire into a gigantic doll house and use drawers to store clothes, accessories, and dolls.

LED stick on lights for the dolls house ceiling? Or mini bike lights? Just a thought...

How to Make a Leak Proof Water Blob (without tape!). We did a blob last year. The kids loved it. And it leaked. I looked over how she does it (iron-genius!) and am excited to give it a try. We added glitter to our water to make it a little more fun.

Old cabinet turned dolls house

Lil'La: Pienet valot - Tiny lights Make an old dresser into a dollhouse.

Adorable! Cute way to store dress up clothes. Easy dress up storage Project to DIY. Plus juju has that little mirror thing already!!! Love it

Dress Up "Closet" ~ use an old/cheap dresser & pull out all but the last drawer & top with a shelf..... Add some crown molding & paint!


Great way to store Barbies!

I'm looking for the perfect dollhouse. this is almost perfect...

Bookcase turned into a closet! Add a tension curtain rod. I like this idea for a dress up center too!

Cute idea to store all those stuffed animals!

Cute way to store hot wheels.

An old armoire becomes a sewing / crafts space that is easy to "clean up" by simply closing the doors. -- I SO need this!!!!

Ah hah! I have one of these we don't use! One of those armoires that everyone's selling on Craigslist because they don't fit standard TVs any more would make awesome craft and/or homeschool storage. #craft room #studio organization #craft storage

Turn a bookcase into a Doll House ~ this is SO incredibly tempting! My brain is brewing some fun ideas for the summer :P

Old dresser + scrapbook paper or fabric + Mod Podge

Cardboard + Stairs = DIY Slide!


I have to get a couple of these!! Easy Change Artwork Frames. Holds 50 pieces of kids artwork. Only $8.95. These are at JoAnn's!